PhD candidate in Economics at CREST (Ecole polytechnique and Ensae).
Doctoral affiliate, Institut des Politiques Publiques.
Teaching Assistant at Ensae.


I conduct research on the geography of cities using both economic theory and empirics. My research lies on the spatial distribution of activity and its evolution over time. I am currently doing my PhD at CREST, the research center for economics and statistics in Paris, France.

Bio: curriculum vitae
Office: 4095 (4th Floor)

News - thread
08.30-31 - GID Project : 30th SITE Conference at Stranford;
06.01-15 - Short Stay : University of Oxford, with Gabriel Ulyssea;
04.17 - Policy Brief on The Yellow Vest Movement in France and the working paper;
04.03 - CREST wins the Paris-Saclay championship in Football!