I am a PhD Student and my Research lies on Economic Geography. Using both Theory and Empirics, I study Labor Markets and Firm Dynamics.

I conduct research on the spatial distribution of jobs and people over time, with a focus on commuting distances. I also work on the political consequences of these evolutions: inequality and social discountent.

News - @thomasdelemott1
11.28 - Workshop : the Gilets jaunes in Politics, at Sciences Po;
11.15 - Gilets Jaunes: "Between Facebook and the Round-About", in Le Monde;
10.11 - Accepted Paper: on the "Gilets Jaunes", in Revue Economique;
10.07 - Book: Geography of jobs (completed draft);
08.30-31 - Conference : Global Income Dynamics, at Stranford;
06.01-15 - Short Stay : University of Oxford, invited by Gabriel Ulyssea;
04.17 - Policy Brief: on The Yellow Vest Movement in France;
04.03 - CREST wins the Paris-Saclay championship in Football!